Sep. 30th, 2011

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Еще из книги Генри Форда

From the beginning, the races have exhibited distinct strains of genius: this one for government; another for colonization; another for the sea; another for art and music; another for agriculture; another for business, and so on. Lincoln said that this nation could not survive half-slave and half-free. The human race cannot forever exist half-exploiter and half-exploited. Until we become buyers and sellers alike, producers and consumers alike, keeping the balance not for profit but for service, we are going to have topsy-turvy conditions.
France has something to give the world of which no competition can cheat her. So has Italy. So has Russia. So have the countries of South
America. So has Japan. So has Britain. So has the United States. The sooner we get back to a basis of natural specialties and drop this free-for-all system of grab, the sooner we shall be sure of international self-respect--and international peace.

Так вот откуда Сид Мейер и прочие творцы компьютерных игрушек идею умений и навыков народов взяли! :) А вне игрушек сейчас такие взгляды, наверно, и небезопасно высказывать. В расизме обвинят.

Кстати, жаль, что Форд не написал прямо, в какой именно сфере Россия может быть настолько крута, что no competition can cheat her. Интересно было бы узнать.


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